Apple Releases Java Update For Snow Leopard Following Blockage

On January 31, Apple issued a fresh update of XProtect malware-handling system in OS X that black listed all Java web plug-in before version The blacklist was updated to protect OS X users from potential threats; however, this action blocked users from accessing important Java content such as banking and financial services. To mitigate the issue, Apple has released a update.

Java logo

People who are using OS X Lion or Mountain Lion can bury the issue by updating to the latest version of Java (version 1.7.0_13), released on February 1. The new version can be downloaded from Oracle’s Java download page.

However, people who are using OS X Snow Leopard have to resort to another method to update Java, because the new version of Java is not available for Snow Leopard. For these users, Apple has released a Java update of its own. The update would be available through its Software Update service, and can be invoked from the Apple menu if it doesn’t run automatically.

Thanks to: CNET

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