Apple Servers Compromised, AntiSec Claimed Successful Attacks on Apple

Just when we thought that the attacks on government agencies and multinational companies have stopped, AntiSec hackers broke into Apple’s servers and stole 26 administrative usernames and passwords and posted them publicly. The announcement about this breach was made on Sunday on a twitter by the group Anonymous, AnonymousIRC.


AnonymousIRC tweeted:

Not being so serious, but well: | #Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec

The news has been reported by WSJ as well and they reported that hackers were able to access Apple’s servers due to a security flaw.

The hackers said in a statement posted to Twitter that they had accessed Apple’s systems due to a security flaw used in software used by the Cupertino, Calif.-based gadget maker and other companies. “But don’t worry,” the hackers said, “we are busy elsewhere.”

However, there is no official word from Apple about the security breach. It appears that the hackers managed to get internet login credentials and it appears that no public Apple ID’s were compromised. And the accounts leaked were administrative accounts so hopefully, iTunes users should be safe till there is an official statement from Apple. Earlier this years, may organizations were hacked including government agencies as well.

Lets see what Apple has to say about this security breach.

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