China Initiated Massive Cyberattack On South Korea

China has been implicated in countless cases of cyber attacks directed at governments, media and corporate entities. Yet, the country hasn’t budged in its policies of continuing support for state-sponsored hackers. The latest victim of the country’s espionage attempts was South Korea.


Only a day ago, South Korea came under a large-scale cyber attack. The attack directly targeted a number of key entities, such as banks, TV broadcast sources and a major Internet service provider.

Such huge was the scope of the attack that the authorities raised the red status alert and cited concerns that perhaps the quarrelsome neighbor, North Korea, was waging some kind of war against the country. The group who was behind the attack identified itself as ‘Whois Team.’

As a result of the attack, long disruptions in the services of two banks, three TV stations and an internet service provider, were reported. Once the attack subsided, the authorities looked into it and tried to determine the exact location of the hackers who perpetuated it.

The initial findings of this investigations are already out, say South Korean regulators. And according to these findings, the hackers who launched this massive cyberattack are comfortably sitting in China, quite possibly enjoying the state’s protection and resources. A spokesperson for South Korea’s Communications Commission stated, “We’ve identified that a Chinese IP has connected to the organizations affected.”

Naturally, it can barely be expected that China is going to do anything at all about these attacks since the country continues to blatantly deny its involvement despite all proofs.

Courtesy: CNET

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