Chinese Hackers Steal Australian Spy Agency Headquarter Blueprints

Over the past few years, Chinese hackers have regularly indulged in cyber espionage, stealing sensitive information ranging from that about weaponry to industrial designs and a lot more. Now, it has transpired that these hackers have stolen the blueprints of the headquarters of Australia’s top spy agency.


The interesting part is that the building of these new headquarters is still underway and has yet to be completed. The total costs of building the facility is estimated to be $630 million and the blueprints that were stolen include detailed floor plans, server locations and other critical information.

The hackers were able to lay their hands on the blueprints by attacking the contractor that was involved in the construction. Due to the access of such sensitive information by the hackers, the work on the facility has been temporarily halted.

Other companies, such as BlueScope Steel, have also been targeted by Chinese hackers recently. BlueScope Steel is involved in making equipment for military, and an attack on it hints that the hackers were trying to gather military-related industrial designs.

Recently, the U.S. Congress has sparked a discussion over the issue which is growing serious by the day. While at one side, entire groups of highly organized Chinese hackers seem adamant on waging a cyber war on the West, the Chinese regime seems unperturbed by it and has taken absolutely no measures to nab these individuals. It remains to be seen whether or not an adequate measure could be devised to contain this menace in the coming days.

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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