Cybercriminals Will Go After Android In Future: Kaspersky

With millions of users flocking to mobile platforms such as smartphone and tablets, the security of this platform has also come to limelight. However, according to Eugene Kaspesky, co-founder of Kaspersky, the security threat of mobile devices is still a thousand times less in magnitude compared to the security threats posed to the computers. Moreover, he said that in coming days, Android devices will be increasingly targeted by cybercriminals.

Eugene Kaspersky expressed these ideas when talking to the Wall Street Journal just ahead of the Mobile World Congress. According to him, mobile malware was very real but still, it was “thousand times less than computer malware.”

Eugene was referring to the magnitude of mobile malware when he said that. He further stated, “The situation is not so dangerous or big compared to computer malware. There are millions of threats every month compared to only hundreds or maybe thousands with phones, so it’s a thousand times less than with computers. But it is growing very quickly, and they are reality.”

He also said that in the future, he sees the cybercrime as being distinctly spreading into two different categories. The attacks targeted at consumers, often mass online attacks, will target the Android tablets and smartphone devices. The attacks targeted on commercial entities, on the other hand, will still be traditional computer attacks.

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