DDoS Attacks Are Growing In Size And Volume, Warns Security Firm

DDoS attacks are probably the most common tactic used by hackers to attack servers. It typically involves using multiple computers to attack a given server and try to choke its bandwidth. Over the years, the size and volume of these DDoS attacks are growing rather rapidly, a security firm has warned now.


Every year, hundreds of DDoS attacks are launched by hackers. These attacks are meant to make a service unavailable or simply crash the server hosting it. During the course of this year, the average size of these DDoS attacks have grown significantly.

According to the numbers released by Arbor Networks, there was a fourfold growth in the number of DDoS attacks sized more than 20Gbps during 2013, when compared to such attacks in 2012. This hints at the worrisome trend that hackers have increasingly large number of machines at their disposal which they can use to launch DDoS attacks of even larger size.

Back in the first three quarters of 2012, the average DDoS attack size was 1.48Gbps. This number has now bumped up to 3 – 3.5Gbps this year. This shows a very quick growth in the overall size and as well as the volume of DDoS attacks.

The largest DDoS attack that was detected this year totaled some 300Gbps in size, aimed at Spamhaus in March. Another huge DDoS attack was launched at the .cn country directory, leading to a temporary disruption of internet in China. DDoS attacks aren’t exactly sophisticated and are more of a brute force technique but given their size and their growth rate, they are sure a security concern.

Courtesy: PC World

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