Facebook And FBI Collaborate To Bust International Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is becoming a very critical issue as the world becomes more digital and connected by each passing day. In a recent spate of cybercrimes, an international gang caused damages to the tune of $850 million. FBI has now busted this gang with the help of Facebook.


Members of this gang made use of ‘Yahos’ malware. They would infect computers with this malware and consequently, be able to steal personal and financial information of the users. This information was then used to make financial transactions on the user’s behalf.

Facebook became involved with FBI in the investigations about this group after it was discovered that Yahos malware also targeted Facebook accounts of its victims. The social network was not only able to identify the malware at work, it was also able to discern the exact identity of affected accounts.

Facebook then deployed its high-tech digital security tools to root out the problem once and for all by finding out the persons behind these activities. FBI, following on the leads provided by Facebook, has been able to book 10 people from around the globe.

According to the security agency, the gang made use of a special kind of botnet, namely ‘Butterfly Botnet.’ Once a computer becomes a part of a botnet, a hacker is able to remotely control its resources and make it function as per his will. FBI further revealed that the activities of this cybercriminal group resulted in losses well above of $850 million.

Source: Reuters

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