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FBI Adds 5 Hackers To ‘Cyber Most Wanted List’, Offers Huge Rewards For Info

FBI maintains a ‘Cyber Most Wanted‘ list which usually comprises of hackers and such individuals who have perpetuated online fraud. The agency has now added five individuals to this list, announcing rewards to the tune of $100,000 to anyone who provides information leading to their arrests.

FBI cyber most wanted list

All the new additions to the list are wanted for one or more acts of hacking or online crime. Given below are the names of the individuals and the respective charges against them.

Farhan Arshad and Noor Aziz Uddin: The duo has been involved in an international telecom hacking scheme and are part of an international criminal ring that comprises of individuals from Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore and other countries. These two individuals broke into business telephone systems and caused damages to the tune of $50 million.

Carlos Perez-Melara: Back in 2003, Carlos launched a site that offered to ‘catch a cheating lover.’ The site was actually fraudulent and many visitors were fooled into downloading spyware into their machines. The spyware was then used to steal the personal data and identity information of many users.

Andrey Nabilevich Taame: Taame is a Syrian national who was a part of Operation Ghost Click. This operation involved devising a clever malware scheme which turned out to be successful, installing the malicious software on nearly 4 million computers worldwide.

Alexsey Belan: Belan allegedly accessed the networks of three US-based companies without authorization and made away with sensitive data. Since Belan hails from Russia, his hacking attempts may be categorized as espionage.

Announcing rewards of $100,000 for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of these individuals, FBI’s Richard McFeely said, “Throughout its history, the FBI has depended on the public’s help and support to bring criminals to justice. That was true in the gangster era, and it’s just as true in the cyber era. We need the public’s help to catch these individuals who have made it their mission to spy on and steal from our nation and our citizens.”

Source: FBI

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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