FBI Can Remotely Activate Your Android Smartphone Microphone

In the recent past, it has been realized that intelligence agencies are usually equipped with the latest exploits, which let them break into any devices and machines they want to. It has now been revealed that FBI can remotely activate your Android smartphone’s microphone, thus listening in on your real-life conversations.


Apparently, FBI is equipped with the right kind of hacking tools which lets the agency hack into a user’s smartphone and turn on the microphone. This, the agency claims, is mostly done to gather evidence on such persons who are considered suspicious.

However, the agency needs to seek a court order before it can go forth with the eaves-dropping. Even when FBI has the court order, it has to push a specific malware to the person in question. This malware is usually delivered to the users’ handset when he clicks on a shady link or attachment. This means that tech-savvy users would most probably not fall for this.

Sources related to FBI reveal that the agency doesn’t routinely use the method and resorts to it only when certain issues such as child pornography, counter-terrorism and organized crime are involved. The agency states that since most sophisticated criminals are relying on advanced technology when it comes to their communications, the need of the hour is to deploy hacking methods and tools to be able to gather evidence on them.

Courtesy: Droid Guy

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