Greek Hacker Steals Entire Nation’s Identity

Greece is a country with a fairly modest size of population, between 9 million and 10 million in total. Interestingly, a Greek hacker recently stole the personal data of some 9 million Greek users. In other users, he nearly stole the entire nation’s identity!


The only way a hacker could have laid his hands on the personal data of all Greek users would be by accessing the government files of all registered Greeks. That is precisely how, security experts have speculated, he may have been able to seize such a huge amount of data including ID card details, tax numbers, home addresses and more.

However, what is even more intriguing is that the data contains a number of duplicate entries. So it may not be the entire nation’s identity, after all, but still something close to that.

The good news is that the police has arrested the 35-year old hacker, who hasn’t been named by the police so far. His identity was tracked through the internet after a data protection authority employee flagged him for possessing the personal data of millions of other users.

Source: ABC News

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