Hackers From Yama Tough Threaten To Reveal Norton Codes Stolen From Symantec

In a tweet posted recently by Yama Tough announced a big release to come soon for the fans. “This coming Tuesday behold the full Norton Antivirus 1,7Gb src, the rest will follow…,” write the hackers. Earlier this month, reports revealed that hackers manage to breach Symantec’s protection and to steal source codes for some of the company’s products.

At the time, the information that surfaced over the Internet hinted that at least two products have been compromised, but the detailed information about the particular products and their versions remained unknown. Just after the incident, Symantec made efforts to appease public’s concern on this matter “Presently, we have no indication that the code disclosure impacts the functionality or security of Symantec’s solutions. Furthermore, there are no indications that customer information has been impacted or exposed at this time,” writes the Symantec official statement.

After a while the company revealed that hackers targeted Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2. In addition, Symantec reassured its clients that the attack cannot affect any current Norton consumer products. After a short while, information on this matter revealed that hackers gained access into servers run by Indian military intelligence. The targeted codes were left on these servers by mistake after an inspection made by Indian authorities who were looking to find out if the source codes are secure.


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