Hackers Take Down The Whistle Blower Website Cryptome

Crytpome came into the limelight when the website divulged the name of the CIA analyst who was able to track down Osama Bin Laden. In the past, the website has been hacked a number of times, apparently as a punishment for being a very vocal whistle blower. And now, it was recently hacked again.

Hacked cryptome account

A few hours ago, the website posted on its home page that its entire website had been hacked and a number of its social media accounts had also been compromised. As of this moment, the website is not even accessible.

The accounts that were breached include the email, Twitter and website accounts which essentially means that the hackers were able to carry out a very successful sabotage attempt.

The compromised Twitter account of the website had been used by hackers to boast about their accomplishment. And in doing so, they have revealed that the hack was perpetuated by two notable hackers, Ruxpin and Sabu. Both of these hackers belong to the Kryogeniks hacking group.

Since essentially all accounts of the team behind the website have been hacked, we don’t know when, or if at all, the access to website will be restored again.

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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