Hackers Took Control Over Israeli Army’s Twitter Account For A While

Earlier we have seen hackers breaching into many government sites and leaking many vital documents and information. However, lately it’s been reported that hackers took control over Israeli Army’s Twitter account for a while.

Hacker To Breach

On Thursday, the Israeli Army tweeted an alarming message that reads “#WARNING: Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility.” The Israeli news website Ynet posted a screen shot of that tweet.

Hacker Tweets In Israeli Army's Twitter Account

The army later said that “several incorrect tweets were posted” on its English spokesperson’s account (@IDFspokesperson). That means that account was also been “compromised.”

Israeli Army Apologizing To Its Twitter Followers

The Israeli Army has apologized to its Twitter followers for that tweet and it was quick enough to trace the hackers’ false messages and erased it.

On the other side, it’s not been cleared who hacked the Israeli Army’s Twitter account, but the name Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has come forward. At present, the Israeli Army is desperately looking for the hacker. Lets hope it finds the hacker soon.

Source: Brecoder

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