LulzSec Hacker ‘Neuron’ Admits Having Breached Sony Pictures Servers

LulzSec is among the few well-known and well-organized hacktivist groups online. The group has accomplished a number of high-profile breaches recently, among them being the breach of Sony Pictures’ servers. One of the LulzSec hackers involved in this breach went by the name of ‘neuron.’ Police has now arrested this hacker.


The real name of ‘neuron’ is Raynaldo Rivera, and he has been a resident in Arizona. He launched the attack on Sony Pictures website, along with other LulzSec hackers, back in 2011. A number of security vulnerabilities in the website were exploited to gain access to the personal information of thousands of account holders.

Rivera and his fellows used IP masking services to leave no online fingerprints while carrying out the breach. Their attack resulted in a loss of $605,000 for Sony Pictures whereas the loss to the repute of the company was even greater since LulzSec eventually posted the hacked data online.

Rivera is 20 years old and has been working with a number of leading LulzSec members, including Sabu, Kayla and Topiary. The police was able to trace and arrest him in August this year.

Given the nature of his offences, he may be sentenced to jail for a number of years. Rivera has agreed to pay restitution to all the users who were affected by his Sony Pictures breach and may have to face a minimum fine of $250,000.

Courtesy: Arstechnica


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