NSA Hacked Email Account Of Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Recent leaks by Edward Snowden have shown that NSA has used illegal and unconstitutional ways to spy on the US citizens as well as people elsewhere. A fresh report in Der Spiegel magazine shows that the agency hacked the email account of former Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.

Felipe Calderon

NSA undertook an operation called ‘Flatliquid‘ to break into a mail server which hosted the Mexican President’s email account. The same server was also used by many other government personnel. The agency was able to not only access the server but also hack into Calderon’s email account and read up his emails.

This is especially astonishing for many because Calderon, who no longer is the President in Mexico, was considered an ally of the US. He worked closely with the US government on a number of issues. Not only that, both US and Mexico have a long-standing alliance since the two have mutual economic interests.

Der Spiegel magazine puts it this way, “Now, though, the revelation that the NSA has systematically infiltrated an entire computer network is likely to trigger deeper controversy, especially since the NSA’s snooping took place during the term of Peña Nieto’s predecessor Felipe Calderón, a leader who worked more closely with Washington than any other Mexican president before him.”

But as opposed to popular rhetoric, the surveillance efforts of NSA seem applicable to friends and foes alike. The agency has long worked outside the limits defined by the US constitution but sadly, the current government has not only refused to take any action over Snowden leaks but has tried to justify it all.

Source: Der Spiegel
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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