Cyberattack On NYT Was Launched Through A Melbourne IT Account

Hackers recently made yet another attempt at New York Times site. This time, they undertook the elaborate method of going to NYT’s domain registrar, the Melbourne IT, and somehow getting access to one of its accounts. This account was then used to launch a cyberattack at the NYT site.

New York Times

Melbourne IT, which has a central role in this entire episode, has recently revealed in a statement that ‘the credentials of a Melbourne IT reseller (username and password) were used to access a reseller account on Melbourne IT’s systems.’

So far, it is unclear as to who was responsible for the attack. However, many hints have been found which suggest that Syrian Electronic Army was the one who pulled it off. In the past, SEA has made several other attempts at NYT site, in an attempt to censor anti-Assad regime. Being pro-Assad hackers, SEA has also tried to deface many other online publications in the recent past.

Melbourne IT is currently looking into the matter right now and has stated that it will need to launch a detailed investigation in order to see who exactly gained access to the said account. According to the domain registrar, “We are currently reviewing our logs to see if we can obtain information on the identity of the party that has used the reseller credentials, and we will share this information with the reseller and any relevant law enforcement bodies.”

Courtesy: CNET

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