Russia’s Top Social Network Offers Edward Snowden A Job

Russia has stirred quite a controversy after it decided to extend temporary asylum to Edward Snowden. As if this was not enough to stir the U.S. government into condemning the incident, now the top Russian social network ВКонтакте has offered Snowden a job as a programmer.


ВКонтакте is the most widely used social network in Russia, essentially the local equivalent of Facebook. The company has now extended a job offer to Edward Snowden, asking him to join the social network as a programmer.

According to Pavel Durov, the founder of ВКонтакте, “We invite Edward to St. Petersburg and will be thrilled if he decides to join our stellar team of programmers at VKontakte. At the end of the day, there is no European Internet company more popular than VK. I think Edward might be interested in protecting the personal data of our millions of users.”

For now, Russia has granted Snowden temporary asylum of one year. In other words, Snowden may not exactly feel very secure about this job, even if he signs up for the position. At the same time, the offer is sure to further discomfit the U.S. government which seems very determined to nab Snowden and has miserably failed so far.

The U.S. government is of the opinion that Edward Snowden has the bulk of such information which is sensitive to its national security and therefore, he must not be allowed to divulge this information to anyone. However, Russia has apparently dismissed all contentions cited by the U.S. government and has gone forth with shielding Snowden.

Courtesy: CNET

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