S3rver.exe Hacker Claims To Have Hacked HostGator

S3rver.exe is a very well known hacker. His claim to fame has been his very young age and his collaboration with the online hacktivist outfit, Anonymous. However, it seems that S3rver.exe is now in the news for some other reasons. He is apparently claiming that he has hacked the system of HostGator, a company that hosts over 8 million domains!

S3rver.exe claimed that he was able to make use of a post cookie injection which was present on the site’s tickers subdomain. Through this, he was able to obtain the administrator password and then gain access to the domain files of hostgator.com.

He has posted the information he obtained from this hack at the usual place for hackers, the pastebin. However, the dump didn’t include any sensitive information and the post has now been removed.

Interestingly, Host Gator representatives are vehemently denying any such happenings and are of the view that the information that has been accessed by S3rver.exe can be accessed by virtually anyone. According to a representative, “tracking.hostgator.com has never loaded any content and never will as it will break how our tracking system works in conjunction with pixels” rebuffing S3rver.exe’s claims that he was responsible for the downing of tracking.hostgator.com.

The company further categorically denied S3rver.exe’s claims in the following words:

“We were not hacked. No shell was ever uploaded. We have no idea what the password “gatorhost3245~!” is but it’s not one we ever used for anything.

The data dump is simply the html off of hostgator that anyone in the world can easily obtain by viewing our sites source.

The tracking.hostgator.com url can actually be manipulated to say anything you want it to such as:


tracking.hostgator.com has never loaded any content and never will as it will break how our tracking system works in conjunction with pixels. ”

Source: Softpedia


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