Stack Overflow Briefly Becomes Unavailable, Programmers Panic

Stack Overflow is a coding-related website that has become an essential tool for programmers around the globe. The site went down for an hour today due to a DDoS attack, leading to a frenzy of panicked social media updates from programmers.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is like the Quora of the programmers. It has a Q&A format where most queries are related to programming, coding and similar other topics. This Sunday morning, the site became unavailable for about an hour and the programmers took to the social media to express panic and, in some cases, to lace the happening with some humor.

The down-time was apparently a result of a concerted DDoS attack against the network provider of Stack Exchange, the parent company that manages Stack Overflow. Although the site was back online within the hour, the reaction of the programmers shows that Stack Overflow has not only amassed a loyal following, but is an essential tool for many.

While many Stack Overflow users cited how the fact that the such a vitally important site was down is sufficient cause for panic, others hoped that this would be a valid excuse for them to take the day off. For the latter, their hopes were soon dashed when the site was restored quickly.

Stack Exchange hasn’t yet revealed the details of the DDoS attack and for now, the official statement says that the issue has been ‘partially mitigated.’ We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

Source: StackExchange
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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