Symantec Blackmailed By Hacker Who Stole Codes And Requests $50,000

Hackers are threatening the well being of Symantec. Last week it was revealed that a computer hacker was threatening the company that he would reveal the source code for Symantec Corp’s Norton antivirus software. The message was posted online on hacker’s Yama Tough’s very own Twitter feed (see his profile picture below). What’s more outrageous is that it turns out that the hacker/s apparently asked for $50,000 in exchange for the stolen blueprints of the products. It all happened via a sting operation with the main actor being an undisclosed law enforcement agency (via email).

“The communications with the person(s) attempting to extort the payment from Symantec were part of the law enforcement investigation,” company spokesman Cris Paden announced, before adding that no cash has been forwarded to the person in question.
After that, Symantec made public the information that the hacker, whose part of a group called Lords of Dharmaraja and affiliated with Anonymous was in possession the source codes, which were obtained back in 2006.

The email negotiations with the hacker, who is supposedly a resident of Mumbai, India started on January 18. It is no wander the company has become a target for greedy hackers. Symantec’s Norton Internet Security is one of the most appreciated software out there that helps users fight against viruses, spyware and online identity theft.


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