TeaMp0isoN Defaced Daily Mail And Left Powerful Messages Against Propaganda

“You can see through the lies if you can read between the lines”. Under this title, the TeaMp0isoN announced last night hacking one page from Daily Mail website. More precisely, the hackers attacked successfully the subdomain with recipes, which was probably the most vulnerable.

Now, they have targeted the website of the notorious UK paper, managed to post a message against biased news, prejudiced information about the immigrants, and against racist propaganda. “Your distorted bias on news is wrongly justified by patriotism and conservatism, though we see through your hateful slurs. Your backward, malevolent, hate-inciting “news” shall not be tolerated anymore, stop brainwashing and lying to the British public with your pro-Zionist, racist, fascist & islamophobic propaganda,” reads the TeaMp0isoN message.

To make the attack even more significant, the defaced webpage displayed a video clip, loaded on You Tube, made by artist Lyricist Jinn with an activist song written specially for the cause.

The hackers and activists from TeaMp0isoN founded their group in 2009, and since then they have associated with Anti-US and Anti-Israel hacking teams, such as the Mujahideen Hacking Unit and ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC). Apparently, the group leader is “TriCk” and his colleagues go under the nicknames of “iN^SaNe”, “Hex00010”, “MLT”, “f0rsaken”, “Phantom~”, “aXioM”, “apocalypse” and “C0RPS3”. TeaMp0isoN are known for hacking the United Nation’s website, last year. Also the team has other high profile targets to show off like the English Defence League, Tony Blair, Facebook, the Indian Government, NASA, Israel, the Australian Parliament, T-Mobile, BlackBerry, Barack Obama and various US government servers.



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