UK Govt Destroys Hard Drives Hoping To Stop NSA Leaks

One thing is nearly common in all the governments around the globe – they either have no idea how technology works or they decide to play dumb. Recently the UK government enacted this judgment by destroying hard drives at the Guardian office and hoping that would stop the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden.

The Guardian

The days when hard drives could be destroyed to help stop the flow of information are decades old. There was a time when hard drives were expensive, people wouldn’t normally go for back ups and the only copy they would have would be the one on their main hard drives.

Experts from the British intelligence agency, GCHQ, recently walked into the London office of the paper and stated that they needed to destroy the hard drives or alternatively, Guardian must hand them over. Since the paper refused, they decided to go forth with destroying them any way.

This revelation from Guardian comes on top of the recent report that Glen Greenwald’s partner was detained on the Heathrow Airport and his electronic equipment was confiscated. It would appear that the UK government utterly fails to understand that in this digital age, Guardian’s reporting is not confined to London.

Rather, the paper has been filing most of its Snowden-related stories from the New York office, in a pre-emptive precaution in case UK government decided to play dumb, which it did. The governments need to understand that by resorting to unconstitutional tactics, trying to curb freedom of speech and breaking hard drives will not stop the flow of information.

Courtesy: Techcrucnh

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  1. Tsais

    How retarded can they get?

    What kind of people are hired by Brutish intelligence?

    I guess a gangland or organized crime resume is more likely to land you a job there than any kind of college degree…

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