Undergrad Student At University Of Nebraska Was Involved In Data Breach

During this week, it had been reported that a major data breach had occurred at University of Nebraska. The security breach had directly affected the information system which kept confidential information of students, alumni and applicants, in total storing the personal data of some 650,000 people.

According to the officials in University of Nebraska, they have been able to trace back the attack to its origin and have found out that an undergrad student has been behind it.

According to UNL Police Chief Owen Yardley, “We have seized computers and related equipment belonging to a UNL undergraduate student who we believe is involved in this incident.¬†They are currently in the hands of law enforcement and undergoing analysis.”

Naturally, Yardley refused to name the individual which is the suspect in this case. He said that the said culprit was traced through the IP addresses that were used to access the system. According to him, “In order to assist with the criminal investigation, police asked the university not to release information about this security incident during the first 48 hours as work was done to verify the identity of the individual involved and necessary legal steps were taken to seize the property.”

The university officials, meanwhile, are also trying to determine the extent of damage that has been done and the information that has been compromised as a result of the breach. The exact procedure of the breach, which essentially would have relied on an exploit, is also being explored.

Source: Security Week

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