User Data Stolen From The Website Of German Micky Mouse Publisher

Online security is a tricky business since with so many adventurous as well as notorious hackers out there, there is always some form of security vulnerability that is found and then exploited. However, one wonders who would be interested in the data of such users who are into Micky Mouse and Donald Duck comicĀ  books. Apparently, a hacker.

It has now been revealed that the website of a notable publisher of Micky Mouse and Donald Duck comic books, Lustigen Taschenbuch (LTB) has been hacked. LTB is a Germany-based publisher and the website of the company was hacked to nick off the user data of thousands of users.

According to LTB, “Unfortunately we have to tell you that, as near as we can tell, a hacker attack Monday meant that data entered (at the site) has landed in the hands of unknown people.”

As absurd as it may seem, it is true and the company has expressed that according to its estimates, the data of some 24,000 users has been stolen from the website through the hack. The data that was stolen includes passwords as well as personal data, which is why the company felt an urgent need to mail the affected users and to urge them to change their passwords as soon as possible.

LTB has been a publisher of comic books since a long time, having started off as far back as 1967. So far, the company has published some 400 paperback anthologies of Disney characters.


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