Website Found Which Defames Women Online To Extort Money

Freedom of speech online is of paramount importance. But when it infringes on libel or false defamation of some person, it is certainly punishable by law. Apparently, that’s what the administrators of shamelessly bigoted website, Potential Prostitutes, fail to understand.


This is how it works. If a person is angry with any woman, he can somehow grab hold of her photo, upload it to the Potential Prostitutes website and even add the victim’s personal details if they are available to him. This information is then displayed on the website, with pride.

Evidently, the website is being run by some morally conservative nutcase or a clever con who thinks he has found a great way to blackmail people into paying him money.

This is what the obviously gaga owners of the website have to say,

“Currently we operate based on the efforts from motivated members of their local community who have at one point or another come into contact with a potential prostitute online and feel they can be a threat. All of our offenders have been reported by local members who feel these offenders should be taught a lesson before their actions escalate.”

Whereas they throw in a lot of words to sound reasonable and responsible, the fact is that they are not. You can upload the photos of any woman, no matter who she is, what she does and what her relation to you is. The website will do zero investigation (not that they have any right to create even a correct catalogue of this nature in the first place!) and upload all the information right away. What’s more, if a women wants to have her details removed from the website, she must pay up $100 to the owners. Clearly, hypocritical morality has a price in dollars.

Source: Gizmodo

Note: We are not linking to that site, willingly. They don’t deserve a link back or visitor, at least not from us.

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