What Will Happen To Julian Assange Once He Reaches Sweden?

Julian Assange, the person who created Wikileaks and made it a global phenomenon, unveiling the hypocritical masks of many global leaders and a number of other conspiracies, has been under fire from powerful people. Specifically, Swedish government has been trying to lay its hands on him, apparently to charge him in concocted cases and thus put an end to his brutally honest venture.

Assange was arrested in UK back in 2010 after the Swedish Prosecutor issued a European Arrest Warrant against him. He was granted bail and then asked the Supreme Court in UK to determine whether or not the Swedish Prosecutor, rather than an actual judge, can issue such a warrant.

As was expected by nearly everyone, the Supreme Court ruled against Assange, stating that the warrant was valid and that now, Assange should be extradited to Sweden. The big question now is, what happens to him once he reached Sweden.

Within ten days of Supreme Court’s ruling, Assange will be extradited to Sweden where he will be taken straight to a police station and will be brought to a court with next 96 hours. The hearing in the court will be private, so common masses can’t directly witness what will happen during the proceedings.

Once the investigations are done with, the prosecutors will decide whether to formally  charge him or to drop the charges and release him. Also, bail in Sweden is hardly ever granted, with preference being given to detaining people. So there is a very high possibility that if things turn out against Assange, he may be sentenced to prison.

Swedish legal system is rather notorious and has been criticized worldwide, because it isolates the prisoners and imposes some rather inhumane circumstances upon them, which in Assange’s case may include an absolute cut-off from the rest of the world in terms of communications.

After the closing of investigations, the court will call a trial within two weeks. During this time, Assange will probably be detained and will be behind bars, leaving him little freedom to defend himself. What remains to be seen is that while Assange has actively striven to expose the inhuman acts of many nations and thus do justice to humanity, will he himself get justice?

Source: Fair Trials

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  1. Sydney Reed

    The hearing in the court will be private.

  2. Sydney Reed

    The big question now is, what happens to him once he reached Sweden.

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