YouTube Announces Nominees For Music Awards 2013

YouTube‘s annual celebration of online musical talent, the Music Awards, is here. The site has finally announced the shortlisted candidates who are nominees in different categories.

YouTube Music Awards 2013

The awards are offered in six different categories. Nominees in most of these categories are well known internet sensations such as PSY, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. The nominations have been made based on the likes, comments and views of content uploaded by these artists.

Among the categories of Music Awards 2013 are ‘Video of the year’, ‘Artist of the year’, ‘Response of the year’, ‘YouTube Phenomenon’, ‘YouTube Breakthrough’ and ‘Innovation of the year’. Voting for the nominees in these categories have already begun and according to YouTube, the votes will decide the victors.

While prominent artists reign supreme in the nomination for most categories, there are sections such as ‘YouTube Phenomenon’ and ‘YouTube Breakthrough’ which aim to celebrate up and coming new artists. The event announcing the winner is scheduled for November 3 and YouTube will live stream five simultaneous music events as part of the awards.

In New York, the event is scheduled to take place at Pier 36, whereas other events will take place at Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, London and Rio. You can watch the nomination videos here and cast you votes.

Source: YouTube
Courtesy: Engadget

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