YouTube One Channel Is Now Accessible To All Users

YouTube had been testing its One Channel design for quite some time now. The feature was in beta phase and was available only to a limited audience. Now the company has rolled out the feature to all users, claiming that it can help the channels engage with the audience, even the non-subscribers, in a more effective way.

YouTube One Channel

The changes that come with the YouTube One Channel essentially allow channel owners to make their pages more aesthetically appealing and connect to a larger number of users. The highlight of the visual appeal of One Channel is the ability to add a header at the top of a given channel. YouTube is calling this the ‘Channel Art.’

Moreover, the One Channel upgrade allows channels to run a video trailer every time a user visits – this applies even to such users who are not subscribed to the channel. The video trailer would essentially serve as a sales pitch to the users at large, perhaps enticing the new users to subscribe to the channel.

YouTube further cites that with One Channel, users can organize their channel videos more neatly and easily. The real power goes to such users who have their own YouTube channels since One Channel lets them control what kind of content they wish to dish out to the users and how to do so.

The details of the new offerings that YouTube is rolling out through One Channel can be found at the page listed here. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’d be presented with the option of upgrading your channel to the new look.

Source: YouTube One Channel

Courtesy: Mashable


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