Youtube Turns Five Years Old This Month

Youtube is turning five years old this month, and to celebrate the site is looking back at all the ways it has touched and changed the lives of countless people all over the world. With two billion views every day, it’s hard to imagine an internet without it.

Just like “Google” is now synonymous with “search,” YouTube has become something bigger than a mere website, representing for many people the whole idea of what it means to publish and watch video on the web. And for good reason—it’s been a source of endless entertainment (and occasional enlightenment) since it launched in 2005. From the Ronaldinho’s crossbar ping pong to David after Dentist, we’ve been along for most of that five year ride without even really knowing it.

YouTube’s commemorating the five year mark with a special site, including a timeline of milestones, celebrity-curated playlists, and a “My YouTube Story” project that encourages users to upload videos about how YouTube has reached them personally. The documentarian Stephen Higgins has created a handful of videos to kick off the series, including this one on filmmaker Federico Alvarez whose YouTube video grabbed Hollywood’s attention:

So Happy Birthday, YouTube! The internet wouldn’t be the same without you!

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