10 Futuristic Treehouses

Things are chanaging in the treehouse business, tree houses used to be a hobby but now they are to be taken serious,lly , take this great collection of treehouses which is also a hotel, up in the forests of Sweden.

Free Spirit Spheres:

Free Spirit Sphere designed by Tom Chudleigh. Suspended by cables, sporting a wooden staircase and offering you a spectacular and silent view from any vantage point, you can either get one or rent the ones in Parksville on Vancouver Island that offer a romantic evening overlooking a coastal rainforest.


4Treehouse design is enough to make anyone dreamy-eyed with delight. Designed by Lukasz Kos, this gorgeous structure offers escapism and three levels that offer ample space. With lighting that brings about tranquil and intimate times, this will ensure that you are not disappointed this February 14.

Under Heaven:

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, will offer you a vantage point like none other. Watch the sun set and stars sparkle on the city of Amsterdam as you get away from all the commotion underneath.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant:

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, this features a complete restaurant that seats 18 people, a 60-meter tree-top walkway and a panoramic view of the surrounding woodlands. Maybe you can take your love for a one-of-a-kind dinner on the planet as you enjoy your special day out. Do make reservations well in advance, though!


This is like landing into a lunar module that is sitting on top of a tree. The designed is filled with modern minimalist elements and if your dive is more inclined to go for the “design of the tomorrow,” instead of the traditional wooden structure, then you have hit the jackpot with O2. Designed by Dustin Feider, it is spacious, customizable and can handle plenty of action.

Palm Fiction:

Designed by Baumraum, these structures are suspended from palm trees that are no less than a few meters away from the sea and sport a kitchen, floor heating, a jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a lot more. Sun, stars, sand, waves and green luxury – simply perfect.

Sybarite Treehouse:

This is more like a complete house on top of the canopy rather than your traditional tree house design that sports a cabin or two. While the concept has been developed for homes in the UK, just imagine one of these futuristic homes nestled on top of a tropical rainforest rented for that perfect romantic holiday trip… life suddenly seems beautiful!

Mirror Cube:

A single cabin made completely out of aluminum and glass, the Mirror Cube is always in perfect sync with its surroundings. If privacy is high on your list, then we suggest the Mirror Cube, as not only is it perched high like every other treehouse, but those looking in will only see themselves. Ideal for the Valentine’s Day celebrations unless your gal is obsessed with her own image, in which case she is never coming in!

Treetop Villas:

The Treetop Villa Project in Phuket, Thailand offers an amazing chance to enjoy both tropical rainforest and the ocean waves at the same time. The structure of 17 villas offers great views with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, pathways that will allows you to stroll in air next to treetop canopy and a trip to the beach just a minute away. Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone here.

Baumraum Modern Treehouse:

A beautiful staircase that leads to a cozy wood cabin with ambient lighting, is what the Baumraum Treehouse has to offer. It offers a simple, calm and elegant retreat to couples that do not wish to be disturbed over this weekend, extending into Monday.


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