A Novel Design Keep Robots In Balance After Getting Kicked

We have seen many Humanoid Robots. Normally, these humanoid robots fall down or can’t maintain their balance while kicked from any side. But, recently University of Tokyo’s JSK Lab researchers have developed a high-torque, high-speed robotic leg based on a novel electrical actuation system which lets a robot maintain its balance and stand even if it get kicked.

The name of this humanoid robot is HRP3L-JSK. It weighs 53 kg. Junichi Urata and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo’s JSK Lab (led by Prof. Masayuki Inaba) have modified this. Compared to its pair of legs, its body height is a little bit short. The pair of legs is able to evaluate 170 possible trajectories in one millisecond. Using the information it determines the best possible action from this 170 options. Conventional electric motors can’t provide enough power for the job. Thanks to a liquid-cooled high-voltage capacitor system that makes it able to move faster.

Humanoid Robot,  Image Credit : IEEE

The capacitor is powered by Maxon 200-watt brushless motors. It produces offhand speeds of over 1000 degrees per second and 350 Nm of torque on the robot’s knee joints. It’s enough to move the legs into position before it falls. Apart from this, the robot is able to run five kilometers an hour and even jump 44 cm (17 inches) off the ground. Check out the video.

It is still unknown for what purpose the machine will ultimately be used for.

Source : IEEE

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