Apple Stores Will Be Closed For Watch Steve Jobs’ Memorial

Apple Stores will reportedly close for one hour on October 19th so that employees can watch the Steve Jobs celebration taking place at Apple Headquarters and Apple has also invited Silicon Valley’s biggest names to a memorial for Steve Jobs on Sunday. Many Stanford students and visitors were completely unaware of the event taking place and according to the Wall Street Journal, small white lights lit up the pathway to the church and guests were served hors d’oeuvres………………..


On October 19th Apple to hold an on campus ceremony to remember Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs and Apple Stores will be closing for one hour (1-2 EST, 10-11 PST) on Wednesday in memory of Steve Jobs. Apple Store employees will use that one hour to view a live webcast of the Cupertino-based celebration and hundreds of Silicon Valley‘s elite streamed into Stanford University‘s Memorial Church on Sunday evening for a service commemorating Apple Inc.‘s late co-founder Steve Jobs. The event, which comes ahead of a company memorial scheduled for Wednesday, was shrouded in the secrecy that has come to be associated with both Jobs and Apple. Passersby who inquired about the service were told simply that the area would be closed for six to eight hours for a private event. Executives from throughout the technology and media industries were expected to attend. A walkway in front of the church, which sits near a sculpture garden, was illuminated with small white lights and guests were served hors d’oeuvres in a clearing adjacent to the church. The service was expected to be followed by a reception on campus and the memorial comes a little more than a week after a small private funeral was held for family and close friends. Mr. Jobs died on Oct 5.



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