Russian Politician Calls The Meteor Explosion – A US Military Test

The interesting thing about conspiracy theories is that it can be as liberal as with fiction. The recent meteor shower in Russia incited a number of headlines and interesting stories. But here’s another amusing one: a Russian politician has deemed the meteor explosion as ‘America testing their new weapons.’


Another good thing about a conspiracy theory is that you don’t have to prove your ludicrous idea. You simply present it and then leave it to the public’s wild speculation. This latest amusement was provided by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who leads the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, which is a right-wing political outfit despite its name.

A number of other theories were also forwarded by the Russian media to ‘explain’ the meteor explosion. One of them claims that the Russian military intercepted the meteor mid-air, thus leading to the explosion. Zhirinovsky went so far as to claim that the US Secretary of State was seeking the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to warn him about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the more rational minds at NASA have confirmed that the explosion was simply the result of the meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere. Anyone with some sense of basic physics would understand the concept immediately. However, to placate the wild rumors, Russian defense ministry had to lay it out in the open that the military was, in no way, ‘involved’ with the explosion related to the meteor.

Source: The Voice of Russia

Courtesy: The Verge

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