AquaStar2 AS2 Undersea Vessels

AquaStar scooters in Florida have crafted AquaStar2 AS2, a two-person ride that will be easy on the usability scale without burning a hole in the buyer’s pocket. This recreational sea scooters are easy to use and affordable comparing to other undersea vessels.

With this AquaStar2 AS2, you can go down 12 meters deep under the water. It can achieve a high speed of 3.1 mph (5 km/h). The batteries last around 2 hours. However, you need to change the air supply after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Do not panic if the electrical system fails under water. It has a backup system – using the compressed air tank – which can bring the vehicle to the surface quickly and safely.The open submersible comes embedded with attached gears, without certification and even a non-experienced person can drive it without any special training. Direction, depth, and speed are aptly controlled by handlebars that are effortless to use.

The open facade gives freedom to explore the sea as passengers can easily swim around by leaving the vehicle. AquaStar2 AS2 looks exactly like the single seat Aquastar1 AS1 except that the former has an extra seat and an extended helmet. If while on a ride the electrical system encounters any trouble, the submersible can come back quickly and safely till the surface, thanks to the compressed air tank.

Since this sea scooter is an open submersible, you can go out of the vessel, swim around, explore more under water and then come back again for fresh air. Moreover, this AS2 offers scuba diving like capabilities. So, if you are interested, you can try that too. No diving certification required – just have fun and enjoy.

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