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Survey Says Beach Is the Top Holiday Destination Of People

During holidays, who wants to stay at home? While it’s holiday time, different people go to different places in order to pass a fantastic time along with lot of enjoyment and fun. But what is the ultimate holiday destination of people around the world? Survey says it’s the beach.

People At Beach

According to earlier survey of last 10 years, 46% people had taken a beach vacation and 64% people had visited the beach for vacation following year. But according to latest survey that is conducted by market-research company Northstar on behalf of Expedia released on Monday, 56% of worldwide respondents said that they had taken a beach vacation in the past year. On the other hand, 75% people said that they would take a beach vacation in the next year.

Beach people

The beach outranks historical sightseeing, visiting friends and family, theme parks, skiing, adventure sports and spectator events as the ideal vacation activity, that’s why people prefer passing their time here.

People Enjoying At Beach

John Morrey, vice-president and general manager of, which published the survey results in its annual Flip Flop Report said, “The beach is the world’s most popular travel destination by a considerable margin. So every year we ask travelers all over the world to tell us their likes and dislikes as they relate to beach behavior.”

Men In Swimsuit At Beach

That’s not all. The survey has also revealed the dressing style of people during holidays. According to survey, Germans and Austrians are the most likely to spend the day at the beach in their birthday suits. On the other hand, 2% Japanese, 3% South Koreans 4% Thai people take nude sunbathing.

Women In Swimsuit at Beach

In addition, 72% of respondents in Japan were “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with beach nudity. Only 74% respondents in Spain were more comfortable with beach nudity. At the beach, most of the people prefer to wear swim suit. 95% Brazilians, 94% Austrians, 91% Germans, 91% Spaniards, 60% Japanese, 57% Americans and 40% Norwegians wear speedo-style swimsuit at the beach.

Courtesy: Mashable

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