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Study Shows Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Relax During Summer Vacation

During summer vacation, everyone wants to enjoy with his/her families and friends. But study has shown that most of the entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses don’t relax during summer vacation. Don’t you think these entrepreneurs should also enjoy summer vacation with their families?

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A study has been made based on surveys of the owners of 1,500 small and medium-size businesses. The study has found that many small businesses owners don’t relax much during summer. When the small medium-size business owners were asked why don’t they relax much during summer, one-third of them said that money plays a large role in life and during summer, it’s easy for them to do business. 60% of the business owners have mentioned they are not going to relax during this summer because of financial hardship. According to these businessmen, summer vacation is the perfect season for doing business.

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On the other side the study has revealed that 20% of small business owners take a vacation during summer because at that time their businesses go down. Those business owners who take rest during summer have clarified that technology helps them a lot to be connected to their office staffs. The study has also found that 25% of owners typically check in on the business at least two times per day during vacation, while 35% see it as a hindrance, saying it prevents them from the rest and relaxation of a vacation because they feel a need to be available 24/7.

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Steve Calkins, executive vice president of the business solutions division for Office Depot Inc., has encouraged small business owners to take some time off during summer. He said in a statement, “For the millions of dedicated small business owners who continue to burn the midnight oil and put in long hours day in and day out, the much-awaited summer vacation provides a crucial opportunity to recharge and refresh.”

Source: Business News Daily

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