[Viral Video] Fisherman Rescues A Drowning Eagle

Eagles are called the king of predators in birds. But they do have hard times too over its life span. However, on September 8, fisherman Don Dunbar went on fishing, while he saw that an Eagle was drowning. He decided to save that creature from drowning. We have the video which already has gone viral.

Eagle Drowning

On September 8 during fishing, Dunbar saw that the there was nearly a bald eagle in the water and it was unable to fly. He understood that the bird was going to drown. So, he used a net to save the bird from drowning and later took it to a local wildlife rescue center, O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, of Delta, British Columbia. Here’s the viral video of saving the Eagle from drowning.

Note that Eagle can swim in water. So what happened that it was drowning? Well, Mindy Dick of O.W.L. has said that the eagle that was drowning was actually a fledgling and it was in first year. At this stage, eagles are not apt to fly. That means, this bird was learning how to fly and hunt at the same time.

On the other hand, Eagle’s nature is it doesn’t let go of its prey very easily although it is in problem. Although Dick is not sure what really happened but he assumes that the eagle might have caught a very big fish for which, it was quite tough for the eagle to fly with that fish. And the fish might have tried to go into water to get rid of the bird. As the eagle was holding the fish, so technically the fish was dragging the eagle into water for which somehow, the eagle was completely exhausted, lost its power to swim or fly and as a result, it stranded in water.

However, now the eagle is in medical intervention. It is now having antibiotics and special feeding. It is expected that the eagle will be completely OK within two months. By then it will have learned flying totally and after that, the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society will release the eagle in the wild.

Source: National Geographic

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