Fortune Hanebrink

Fortune Hanebrink is all-terain electric bike.This electric bike looks like Batman’s Batpod.You can handle all types of terrains with Hanebrink bicycles with super wide tires…..

Engineered and handcrafted 8000 ft above sea level in Big Bear Lake, California, HANEBRINK Electric All-Terrain vehicles are the confluence of ingenuity, ecology, and luxury. The capabilities of the HANEBRINK are as limitless as your own sense of adventure; as a commuter vehicle, it is smooth and dynamic.Nearly 10 years ago, national champion cyclist, bicycle innovator, and NASA aerospace engineer, Dan Hanebrink was approached by an Arctic explorer looking for an alternative to skis that could take him and his equipment across the icy terrain of Antarctica.

Hanebrink created a bicycle unlike anything ever built before. The original “Ice Bike” by HANEBRINK had no plastic parts and used superfat, low-pressure tires that devoured all surfaces in all conditions silently and effortlessly. Today, our drive to create innovative outdoor recreational vehicles continues and is reflected in our mission to satisfy and serve the adventurous worldwide.

The HANEBRINK Electric All-Terrain Vehicle is the evolution of the original, revolutionary HANEBRINK design, combining state-of-the art green technology with an on-demand hybrid electric system and the latest in bicycle technology. Crank the throttle and the 600 watt motor powers the HANEBRINK to speeds up to 20 mph. If you want to go faster, just start pedaling.

Features :

  • The widest tires in the industry. The 20 x 8 inch tires radically increase the surface area where rubber meets road for enhanced stability at all speeds, added traction on rough terrain, and unprecedented float on sand and snow.
  • A mid-mounted, bracket supported motor optimizes the vehicle’s center of gravity beneath the rider and enables tight turns, rapid weight shifting, and provides more stability.
  • 14 speed gearing tuned for a wide variety of surfaces, grades, and utility applications including a low range capable of carrying up to 300 pounds of bulky cargo up steep terrain or deep into inaccessible areas.

Specification :

  • Motor: 600 Watt Brushless Electric Motor
  • Controller: Controls speed between throttle and motor
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 10 amp hour
  • Drive: Dual Range 14 speed gearing
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
  • Bars: Carbon Fiber 1.5 inch rise
  • Frame: 6061- T6 Aircraft Seamless Aluminum Tubing
  • Fork: Dual Crown Triple Clamp 10″ adjustable travel
  • Rear Rack: 8″ x 21″ aluminum
  • Tires: 20″ x 8″ tubeless
  • Cranks: Shimano
  • Deraileur: Shimano
  • Seatpost: Carbon Fiber
  • Seat: WTB
  • Chains: Shimano
  • Wheels: Hanebrink
  • Hubs: Hanebrink

With a single Lithium ion battery (LiFePO4), the HANEBRINK has a one hour run time and three hour recharge. For longer excursions, the rear rack can be fitted with up to five lithium ion batteries, a run time of over 5 hours and more than 100 miles of riding. The wide rear rack is standard HANEBRINK equipment and can hold up to 100 pounds of cargo.The HANEBRINK can truly go anywhere on the planet while maintaining minimal environmental impact and zero-carbon emissions


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