MLB Boss Never Sent An Email, But Uses An iPhone

Baseball is one of those games which are notorious for their reliance on old traditions and customs. Although technology has come to play a very significant role in most games, it still has limited relevance in baseball. Not surprisingly, the Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner has now stated that he has never sent an email.

Bud Selig

MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig is among the big wigs of the baseball arena who proudly tout their non-tech lifestyles, which inevitably translates into the game itself. In a recent statement, Selig said, “I’ve never sent an e-mail and I never will.”

He didn’t cite any specific reasons for this, although in light of the recent PRISM leaks, it is just possible that Selig is weary of NSA reading any of his stuff. Of course everyone has a right to privacy and Selig enjoys this right by not using technology. At all.

Thankfully, the baseball chief has now decided to purchase an iPhone which, in itself, is somewhat of a surprise. We are not sure if he is going to use the handset for anything beyond taking and making calls, but then, we fail to see what is the very point of getting an iPhone anyway.

Courtesy: CNET

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