See A Mother Turning Her 2-year-old Baby’s Scribblings Into Paintings

Give a 2-year-old baby a pencil and a blank paper and then we all can assume what he/she will do with those – scribbling. Ruth Oosterman, a mother as well as a painter, had given her 2-year-old-daughter Eve an ink pen and few blank sketch papers and with those the kid made lots of scribbling. And what Oosterman did? She converted Eve’s scribbled drawings into painting!

The Lady and the Fox

When Ruth Oosterman used to start painting, her 2-year-old daughter Eve followed her to see what her mom does. Oosterman understood that Eve also wants to do painting. So one day Oosterman thought why not let her daughter be a part of her paintings? And then she decided to give Eve an ink pen and a blank sketch paper. And this is what Eve was waiting for. Here are some of the scribbled drawings that Eve had made and later Oosterman converted into painting.

Eve Drawing
Sketch Of Eve
The Great Owl
The Elephant King
The Red Boat
A Bookworm's Dream

Eve made these sketch (all Eve’s sketches are at the left side, while the right side sketches are her mother’s) at her own will (Oosterman didn’t give Eve any kind of instruction) with the ink pen and later, Oosterman turned them into a watercolor painting. Here are the videos of the paintings.

Thanks To: Bored Panda

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