Newspaper’s Interactive Gun Map Lambasted By NY Senator Over Local Burglary

The debate on gun control in U.S. has been raging ever since the latest episode of carnage suffered by the nation. We saw some ‘compelling’ displays from conservatives in a recent TV debate where a gun-ownership proponent cited that guns have reduced use of knives in robberies (bravo, sire!). And now, a NY senator is trying to put the blame of a local burglary on a newspaper opposed to gun ownership.

Gun ownership map

The problem with Republicans is that they are going to argue about virually anything but the issue at hand. When it comes to gun control, they would blatantly disregard all the facts that point that gun ownership has led to greater number of deaths in recent years. Rather, they would go on to rant the same obsolete arguments that every American needs a gun, period!

This attitude was yet again manifest when a New York Republican Senator was quick to blame a newspaper who had published an interactive gun-ownership map. The Senator claimed that a local burglary had taken place simply because of the map. Saying that his claim borders on the ridiculous would be an understatement but to expect more is also quite preposterous.

The newspaper in question, The Journal News, had published a map which showed the locations of gun permit owners in New York. The map was meant to show how rabidly insecure a huge faction of populace has become and that the likes of IRA has simply been playing on these sentiments to make big business.

Suffice to say on this particular issue that Senator Greg Ball couldn’t cite any proof whatsoever when he pegged the blame on the newspaper. And such unwarranted claims do often lead to lawsuits.

Courtesy: The Verge

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