North Korea Uses Photoshop To Restore Order At Kim Jong’s Funeral

The demise of Kim Jong-II was hailed as a great tragedy by the state agencies of North Korea. Videos of mourning and crying fans were shown on TV. Kim Jong really strived hard to maintain ‘order’ in North Korea, or so his reign claimed. And the latest attempt in maintaining this order was by Photoshopping the photos of Kim Jong’s Funeral by North Korean Central News Agency.

The fact that the images from Kim Jong’s funeral were Photoshopped was discovered when the funeral pics were viewed from two different sources. Both these pictures were taken at the same moment and captured a scene along the way of the motorcade as it passed by.

In the photo released by Japanese Agency, Kyodo News, there are some men standing nearing a tripod next to the mourning crowd as the motorcade passes by. But in the same photo, taken of the same spot and at the same time, the photo released by North Korean Central News Agency, there are no such men in the photo and neither are any footsteps of these men in the ice. As these men looked a little ‘out of order’ in the whole pic, they have probably been ‘Photoshopped away’ from the picture.

This was first discovered by New York Times. And as soon as NYT discovered this, the European Pressphoto Agency, which had earlier distributed the photo by North Korea Central News Agency, started issuing a ‘mandatory kill’ to all of those who received the picture. This simply means that all the clients who received the picture are not allowed to use it since it violates the EPA’s code of ethics which forbids digital manipulation.

Image credit to ABC News

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