Ohio Judge Calls Speed Cameras A Scam

Speed cameras have long irked drivers on the roads. In the past, it has been frequently observed that these cameras tend to misreport the violation of speed limits, often letting authorities generate a revenue stream from innocent drivers. An Ohio judge has now officially deemed speed cameras a scam.

Speed camera

In the past, there have been some fairly ludicrous events involving speed cameras which has put their accuracy in question. For instance, one speed camera in Baltimore allegedly showed that a car was speeding whereas it was, in fact, not moving at all.

It is due to such dubious repute that doubts have been cast on the use of speed cameras and Arizona went so far as to remove them altogether from the highways. Ohio may be following in the same footsteps after an Ohio judge stated that speed cameras are ‘nothing more than a high-tech game of 3-card Monty.’

Apparently, his criticism was geared towards the use of speed cameras by authorities in Elmwood Place, which is a small village in Ohio. The authorities started generating big bucks as soon as the speed cameras were functional.

Actual statistics reveal that after the first month of their installation, the authorities were able to hand out 6,000 overspeeding tickets, each generating a revenue of $105. Imagine the sheer wealth that started trickling into the hands of authorities, thanks to alleged speed violations.

The villagers took the authorities to court and a judge has ruled that the cameras must be removed. However, the authorities are anxious over losing such a huge stream of revenue and are trying to appeal the verdict.

Source: WDTN

Courtesy: CNET

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