“Storm of Errors” Caused Speed-zone Camera To Issue Speeding Ticket To Motionless Car

Speed limit sign warns drivers to run the vehicle within limits. But sometimes drivers exceed the speed limit while driving the vehicle and they get a ticket from a speed-zone camera. At that time drivers have nothing to do except paying fine. What if you hear a car is stopped at traffic signal but a speed camera shows the car is moving at over-speed in a speed limit zone and the driver has to pay fine? Unfortunately the news is true. Read the details of this pretty interesting news below.

Speed Camera

Daniel Doty, a Maryland driver in Baltimore was driving a Mazda wagon on April 24. At a traffic signal (due to red light), he stopped his car. But a speed camera in Baltimore gave a ticket to that stationary car raising the issue that the car was driven 38 mph in a 25 mph zone and hence he had to pay a fine of $40. But the most interesting news is that pictures and video footage from a speed camera showed that the car was totally motionless. The pictures also showed that the car was totally motionless at an intersection and the car’s brake lights were illuminating. A three-second video footage provided the same evidence. See the video.

Doty was astonished when he saw that a ticket had been issued with $40 fine. On the other side, city officials did not offer any explanation for Doty’s ticket. However, rather than paying the $40 fine, Doty challenged the ticket. He appeared in court on Friday to present his case.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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