You Can Listen To What Herbs, Spices Taste Like With This Sonic Poster

Have you ever wondered how the tastes of the vast, eclectic collection of herbs and spices will ‘sound’ like? That’s right, a new sonic poster aims to give you a taste of this by letting you touch different visual presentations of these spices and hear corresponding sounds.

Sonic poster

This is an interesting experiment which translates our culinary aesthetics into a world of visuals and sounds. The poster was created by an illustrator who ascribed specific visuals to specific herbs and spices. It was then fitted up with capacitive-touch technology. The printing of the visuals was done with the help of conducive-ink.

The tech behind this interesting initiative was furnished by Novalia, a company based in Cambridge. The culinary philosophy was provided courtesy of Grey London, a notable company which deals in spices and related stuff. Once the visual presentation of the poster was complete, sounds for each of the presented herbs and spices were created.

For example, fennel was ascribed a high-pitched F minor while cumin got an E flat major. Similarly, other spices were ascribed sounds based on their general taste. This results in a beautifully intricate and interesting social experiment.

All you need to do is lay your hands on the poster. An accompanying app on the smartphone or tablet elicits the corresponding sounds on your device as you touch different parts of the poster. In total, 16 herbs and spices are represented on it. However, it will still be a while before these posters become available.

Source: Novalia

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