Woman Consumes Cola Instead Of Water For 16 Straight Years

Doctors usually warn against cola drinks since they contain high sugar content and are prone to cause many health problems. However, discarding all such untoward opinions, a 31-year old woman in Monaco consumed cola, in place of water, for 16 continuous years. Predictably, she had to be hospitalized to save her life.


Since colas are liquids, they seem to have provided her body with ample water content to keep her going. However, she was diagnosed with severely low potassium levels after she started experiencing fainting spells and arrhythmia.

The most shocking part is that the totally abstained from drinking water during these 16 years. As a replacement, she drank two liters of cola every single day. It was precisely due to this abnormal diet that lead to a severe deficiency in her body.

In view of the queer case, the doctors treating her decided to write an entire paper on her, describing the possible effects the prolonged consumption of cola may have on her physical health. Interestingly, as soon as she stopped the intake of the cola diet and switched to normalcy, her potassium levels were restored to normal within a week or so.

However, the cola diet may have had other health problems which may manifest over time. The example goes on to show how the junk diet is so normal for many people that they don’t hesitate to use it as a replacement for their regular diet.

Courtesy: Pop Sci

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  1. Tsais

    They should see what diet coke can do to you if you first store it in a garage that has no air conditioning, before moving it bottle by bottle to your fridge to cool it down.

    At high temperatures, the Aspartame sweetener breaks down into various toxic substances, and cooling it back down afterwards predictably can’t reverse that process. A guy in California died from this a bunch of years back, and at first, his wife got accused of poisoning him, till they found out it was the Aspartame decomposing in his large coke stash in the garage – which he used to store his coke for years…

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