5,000 Year Old Underground Salt Mine In Turkey

Are you sure the salt you are using in cooking is manufactured lately, or it is 5,000-year-old or something like that? Well, I am saying this because around 5,000 years ago near the Turkish city of Cankiri, people created a giant salt mines 1,300 feet below ground. And the very interesting news is this mine is still in use today and produces 500 tonnes of salt daily which is utilized in cooking.

Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet

Researchers believe that Hittites were the first who used to utilized their primitive equipment as well as their palms to extract salt from the underground mine. On the other side, study in between 1971-1979 reveals that there is sill more than 1 billion tonnes of ore left in the mine, which is now being extracted by applying modern machines and underground blasting.

However, the ore extracted from the mine often arrives in at ninety for each cent purity. It is taken by diggers to nearby railway tracks where by it is transported to a manufacturing unit for processing. On the other hand, if the temperature outside is around 91F (33C) or more, but in here, the temperature rises no more than 59F (15C). Besides, at its deepest point, the mine extends down more than 1,300 ft below the ground.

32-year-old Melih Sular who snapped many photos of this underground salt mine for 2013 Countrywide Geographic pictures contest said, “The cave is cool and scentless, which is simply because it is a pretty aged salt cave. The partitions are all manufactured of rock salt and the texture is assorted simply because of the digging machines used. I’ve never ever viewed anything like it prior to. The most putting portion of the caves is the outdated gallery. It’s appealing because they dug this gallery with basic resources and their very own hands, compared with today’s techniques.”

Here are some pictures of the giant underground mine salt taken by Melih Sular.

Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 1
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet -
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 3
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 4
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 5
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 6
Giant Salt Mines Under 1,300 Feet - 7

Source: Daily Mail
Image Credit: Melih Sular


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