Artificial Liver Can Be Grown Using 3D Printed Sugar Network

Earlier, scientists used wax to create synthetic liver. Creating synthetic liver is a complex matter. To create synthetic liver easily, a U.S. researcher team created a template for blood vessels to grow. After long experiments, scientists have achieved a major breakthrough in creating artificial liver using sugar.

The synthetically engineered cells often die before the tissue is formed. It’s a little bit hard to keep the cells alive because the cells take nutrients and oxygen from their neighboring cells. Therefore, at the the end, the cells suffocate and die. But, the body’s cardiovascular system more specifically blood vessels solves this issue with natural cells and tissues.

Scientists found it is “sugar” that can keep the cells alive in the engineered tissues. Scientists created a network of places where vessels could grow into that limited area. The cells in a surrounded network would be able to have blood vessels when the tissue would be implanted through pipes. The tissues would be fed by the network of pipes. Therefore the cells won’t suffocate and die and thus a full organ will be created.

However, scientists study has been published in the journal Nature Materials. If you are interested to know more, head over to BBC.

Source : BBC

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