Carbon Dioxide Levels In Atmosphere Reach Record High In 3 Million Years

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported on Friday that carbon dioxide, the prime heat trapping gas on Earth, has reached record levels. This amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere has not been seen in 3 million years.


Scientists said that the amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere has reached an average daily level of 400 parts per million, which means if you filled up one million quart jars with air, about 400 of them would be all carbon dioxide. This may not mean much to an average person, but scientists warned that the level is the highest in the history of mankind. The time when this amount of carbon dioxide was on Earth’s atmosphere last was 3 million years ago, a period called Pliocene, long before human kind existed. The Earth was a lot hotter at that time, ice caps were smaller, and sea levels were 80 feet higher than now.

The rise of carbon dioxide to the 400 marks level brings forth the failure of all human endeavors to curb carbon emissions for decades. It also means that we can expect Earth temperature to rise further.

Scientists said that the current carbon dioxide level will decrease a bit this summer as tree leaves will absorb about 10 tons of it from the atmosphere. The level will rise to 400 marks again in the winter, and will eventually be norm in all seasons. The level could rise further if carbon emissions are reduced.

Source: Slashgear

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