China Are Being Efficient In Creating Plastic Bodies

We all are familiar with the word ‘Plastic Surgery.’ Through plastic surgery people can change their face. Which means he/she becomes a new person. Plastination is close to plastic surgery. Without changing anything of human body, a new human can be created through plastination. Even an animal too. Humans can be created only in within 1 year.

Hong-Jin Sui is the founder of Dalian Hoffen Bio Technique Company which is in Northern China. Many people are working here. In Dalian, people are engaged turning other people into plastic. It’s not plastic surgery but the theme has similarity with plastic surgery. The process is called Plastination. Plastination is a 4 step process. The interesting thing is polymers replace water and fat molecules in biological specimens. Here is a sample image of bodies.

Plastinated bodies is not possible to decompose. The things we see in museums and medical schools, most of them are made of plastinated bodies. Usually, museums and medical schools display those plastinated bodies with muscles, veins and brains in exhibits. They are made so perfectly that, it’s quite impossible to differ whether those are real or artificial.

There is an exhibit called Bodies.’ Bodies was invented by Gunther von Hagens and was opened in 2005. It has already visited dozens of cities worldwide. Hong-Jin Sui was a student under Gunther von Hagens. After completing plastination under Gunther von Hagens, Sui founded the Dalian facility in 2002. Sui said’ “The human bodies processed at Dalian Hoffen come from medical universities and the animals from zoos and aquariums. It can take more than two years to plastinate large animals, such as whales, but humans take only eight to 12 months.”

Source : Popsci
Image Credit : Reuters/Sheng Li, Nadia Pflaum


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